The Hebridean Sheep Society Trustees

The Hebridean Sheep Society is a charity managed by ten Trustees elected annually by the membership.  They are the Chairman, the Membership Secretary, the Treasurer and seven more.  The Registration Secretary is appointed and is a trustee ex officio.  One of the Trustees is elected annually by the other Trustees to act as Vice Chairman. 

The Trustees meet at least three times a year, generally in February, May and November.  Minutes of the Trustees meetings are circulated to the membership with the Blackboard newsletter.

Trustee Details:

Elected Officers

Chair: David Braithwaite, Roxburghshire.

Treasurer: Rita Peace, Hertfordshire.

Membership Secretary: Helen Brewis, Buckinghamshire.

Ex Officio

Registration Secretary: Vicky Mason, Cheshire.

Elected Trustees

Vice Chair & Minutes Secretary: Helen Arthan, Cheshire.

Jack Cuthbert, Kinross.

Darren Cassie, Leicestershire.

Jonathan James, Peebleshire.

Eric Medway, Yorkshire.

Pen Rashbass,  Derbyshire.

Jean Wingfield, Cumbria.

Co-opted Board Members

Nicky Mason, Powys.

Jeff Moore, Inner Hebrides.

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In addition, members of the Hebridean Sheep Society can find contact details for individual trustees here.

Charity Registration Number: 1158095
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