Sale Dates for 2024

The Society approves three sales each Autumn - one in Scotland and two in England. The details for these will be added in due course. 

Members also advertise registered stock for sale on the Sheep for Sale page of this website

There are many benefits in purchasing sheep at one of the official sales, especially for those new to the breed:

  • Because sheep are auctioned, you are guaranteed to pay the fair market price.
  • You can see and compare a range of sheep from many different flocks before you buy.
  • Rams are assessed and all sheep are inspected for trueness to type by the Society.
  • Buying a ram with little knowledge of its bloodlines and its breeder has inherent risk as he is the most important individual member of your flock because of the genetic influence he will have on all of his lambs. At one of these sales you will be able to compare rams, look at their bloodlines and have a discussion with their breeders and therefore be able to make a much more informed decision about this important purchase.
  • There are many breeders present, as well as Society Trustees, who will be pleased to help you.

For first timers, a sheep auction might be a daunting prospect but there is nothing to fear. The auctioneers are aware that they have a mixed audience and don’t rush like they may at a commercial farmers’ mart. Besides, if you don’t bid you won’t unintentionally buy.

The best plan is to pick out a number of possible sheep to buy before the sale commences, decide what your maximum spend will be, and bid only for those sheep. Perhaps you will pay more than expected for one and less for another but make sure that overall you are within your budget.

Sheep are sold in guineas (=£1.05). Historically the 5p [shilling] was the auctioneers' commision.

(Click here For report from 2023 sales)

***SOCIETY RULE for sale of stock at approved auctions*** 
Any flock may enter one male, but any additional males must each be accompanied by three females, which must be forward and offered for sale on the day.  Animals born prior to 2020 must have their HSS metal tag actually inserted in the ear. As animals born in or after 2020 will not have registration tags, their EID number must match their registration certificate. 
Any animal wrongly tagged will be sold as unregistered.

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If you prefer to purchase registered, pedigree Hebridean Sheep but not through an auction house, check out our market pages or our links to members websites. Alternatively, contact the membership secretary to find registered flocks near to you. Note: Hebridean sheep sold privately on other websites as 'pure-bred' or 'pedigree' but without the registration document are probably not registered and cannot be registered retrospectively.

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