Hebridean Sheep and Heb-related items Wanted

Ads from Society Members and other individuals looking for Hebridean Sheep or items related to Hebridean Sheep.

All sheep are sold as seen and at the risk of the purchaser. Please note that none of the sheep sold in response to these ads can be guaranteed by the Hebridean Sheep Society. This is because none of them have been card graded at the point of sale.

Advert Ad2103 posted 9 January 2021

Wanted in spring 2021. Four of spring 2020-born lambs for conservation grazing on a small heath in Suffolk. Ewes or wethers.
Nicholas Email

Advert Ad2101 posted 2 January 2021

I am looking for two or three shearling four horn ewes. North Nottinghamshire.
Ann Email

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