Hebridean Sheep and Heb-related items Wanted

Ads from Society Members and other individuals looking for Hebridean Sheep or items related to Hebridean Sheep.

All sheep are sold as seen and at the risk of the purchaser. Please note that none of the sheep sold in response to these ads can be guaranteed by the Hebridean Sheep Society. This is because none of them have been card graded at the point of sale.

Advert Ad2043 posted 10 September 2020

I need to establish a small pedigree flock. Around a dozen ewes from single source ideal. 4h preferred. Distance no object - I am based in North Devon. High profile environmentally important site needs that Heb magic.
Wayne Email

Advert Ad2041 posted 7 September 2020

Seeking two castrated males to help graze the male paddock and 4 females to join our breeding stock. Based in Loughborough.
Mrs Fuller Email

Advert Ad2035 posted 31 August 2020

We are looking to purchase 25 - 50 Hebridean ewes to join our existing flock, that graze on nature reserves and species rich meadows and are looking for anything from shearlings to older ewes. We are based in Northamptonshire but are willing to travel for the right quantity of sheep.
Craig 07742 078144 

Advert Ad2027 posted 19 August 2020

Wanted: A shearling 4H ram for the Etal flock. Must be true to type, not showy, preferably not bucket-trained. Etal is one of the oldest flocks in the register and we have a majority of 4H sheep. Prefer to buy from north England / Scotland for logistical reasons.
James 01890 820205 (evenings) 

Advert Ad2025 posted 1 August 2020

Looking for a small number of sheep for conservation grazing. We have a small flock of Jacobs and commercials so experienced keepers. Wales.

Advert Ad2022 posted 29 July 2020

I am looking for 4 or 5 ewe lambs for a pet herd in Derbyshire. I would consider older ewes if they are reasonably well handled as they will be gentle practice stock for our young sheepdog as current stock is too strong for him. Willing to travel up to 1.5-2hours away if needed.

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