Registering Hebridean Sheep

Registration of sheep is subject to the following procedures and regulations:

  1. Only animals that are the progeny of fully registered parents and living in the UK are eligible for registration.
  2. All lambs for registration should be identity tagged at birth (the Birth Tag) and a record made of their parentage.
  3. Details of the Birth Tag must be provided on the Registration form or online flock book form
  4. Births of ALL lambs should be notified on the Registration Form or online flock book form
  5. Those animals that are to be registered must conform to the Breed Description. A programme of Flock Appraisal will be used to verify this.

Members can either register their sheep online through the Grassroots website or bydownloading and completing the Registration Form  and then sending it to the Registration Secretary.

Whichever  method is used, the appropriate fees must be sent to the Registration Secretary before she will  issue a Registration Certificate.

Transfer of ownership will be made by the Registration Secretary, on receipt of the completed Notification of Transfer slip from the Registration Certificate, together with the transfer fee of £1.00 per animal. A Transfer Certificate, showing the registration details of the animal will be sent to the new owner.All members who register sheep with the Society during the year will receive, free of charge, a copy of the Flock Book in which the animals appear.

The closing date for the Flock Book will be 31 October each year.

Registration Fees

  • Females in year of birth registered before 31st October - £3.00 each
  • Females after that date - £5.00 each
  • Males up to 31st October of third year - £10.00 each
  • A fixed administration charge of £30 for each batch of registrations, which is waived for members of HSS.
  • Transfers to new owner  £1.00 per sheep

Registration Secretary

Vicky Mason
Sycamore House
Heatley Lane

Contact us here

Download the Registration Form in  .pdf format or .xls format.

Members can view the flock book and register their sheep on-line by clicking here. If registering sheep online remember to send your payment to the Registration Secretary.

Why Register your Sheep?

Registration increases and protects the value of your animal, makes it more marketable, and opens the door to the Hebridean breed sales and shows.

A registered animal has papers (a three generation pedigree), which give specific information on the bloodlines of that animal to guide your breeding choices. A registered animal is also a part of The National Flock, the progeny of which is recorded anually; your animal's performance will be published in the Hebridean Sheep Society Flock Book.

As if that wasn't enough reason to register, in England there is also a Native Breed Supplement to Higher Level Environmental Stewardship, but access to this requires the animals to be registered in the breed society flockbook.


Hebridean sheep sold privately on other websites as 'pure-bred' or 'pedigree' but without the registration document are probably not registered and cannot be registered retrospectively.

You can't breed a registered sheep from unregistered parents. A Hebridean sheep without papers is just a little black sheep!

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