Flock Inspection Protocol

The committee reserves the right to visit and inspect any registered flock.

The aims of the flock inspection are to verify that:

  1. all your sheep can be properly identified
  2. adequate records of your flock are kept for pedigree registration purposes
  3. all your registered sheep fall within the Breed Description

Any registered sheep not conforming to the Breed Description will be deregistered by the inspector, unless you say that you wish to appeal. The current year's lambs from a deregistered sheep, and any future lambs, will not be eligible for registration.

The inspector will discuss with you any matters pertaining to the three inspection issues mentioned above and summarise any recommendations on the inspection form. If you agree with the outcome of the inspection you should sign the form. You will then be given the top copy. The other copies will be retained by the inspector and the Society's Registration Secretary.

In practice, breeders often use the inspection as an opportunity for a flock appraisal, asking the inspector to give an outsider's view of the good and bad points of certain animals, and discussing general points of interest. Usually inspectors are happy to do this and so make the inspection a more satisfying experience. However, this service is entirely at the inspector's discretion and does not constitute part of the Society's official inspection programme.


If you wish to appeal against the decision of an inspector, you must say so during the inspection visit, and you should refuse to sign the inspection form. The inspector will then inform the Society of your appeal. If after seven days you still wish to appeal, the Registration Secretary will arrange for two other inspectors to visit your flock to arbitrate. If the decision of the original inspector is upheld you will be required to pay the travelling costs incurred by this second inspection, otherwise the Society will pay the costs.

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