The Hebridean Sheep Society

The Hebridean Sheep Society represents breeders of registered pedigree Hebrideans throughout the UK.  It is the UK registration authority for Hebridean sheep and is affiliated to the National Sheep AssociationMembership is open to all who support the aims of the Society.

The Hebridean Sheep Society currently has around 400 members, many of whom own and register their own stock. In addition, we also warmly welcome members who do not have Hebridean Sheep but would still like to support this wonderful breed. The devotion and enthusiasm of members to the breed is matched by their sociability and willingness to share experiences and help one another.

The Society has had great success in increasing the numbers of this once rare breed of sheep and raising its profile as the ideal choice for conservation grazing and low input farming.

What the Hebridean Sheep Society offers:


Members can register their pedigree sheep on-line or by returning registration forms to the Registration Secretary. Pedigree tags are sent out to members to identify their registered sheep together with pedigree certificates. Registering members receive the annual edition of the flock book (the Black Book) and access to the on-line flock book.

Pedigree Sales

The Hebridean Sheep Society puts on three catalogued pedigree sales each autumn: one at Lanark Agricultural Centre, one at Melton Mowbray Market and one at York Livestock Centre. The Society sees to the sales transfers and provides sales reports. A get-together with a meal is generally arranged for members at these sales.

Pedigree Show Classes

Hebridean show classes are held at many county and local shows throughout the year under the auspices of the Society.

The National Hebridean Show rotates around the country to give all members a chance of winning some of the prestigious trophies on offer. The Border Union Show, the Trawden Show and the Royal Three Counties National Rare & Minority Breeds Show are regular hosts of this event.

Breed Stand & Merchandise

The Breed Stand with merchandise is taken to many shows and events throughout the country including the Royal Welsh Spring Fair, the Great Yorkshire Show, the Royal Highland Show and Woolfest.

Social and Online Events

The Hebridean Sheep Society organises social events for its members, often combined with some educational presentations or practical workshop.  There is usually a Winter and a Summer event as well as occassional online webinars. The AGM is now held online to enable more members to attend.

Social Media & Information

To keep members up-to-date and in contact, the Hebridean Sheep Society has this website,a Facebook page and members forum an Instagram account, a newsletter (the Blackboard) and an annual year book (the Black Sheep).

R & D

To further the breed, the Society undertakes breed research and development programmes.


The Hebridean Sheep Society is a registered charity with the following aims:

  • To promote the conservation and preservation of Hebridean sheep as a distinctive and viable breed and, thereby, its unique genetic resource, for the benefit of the public and future generations.
  • To provide for the public a registration programme for Hebridean sheep to ensure the genetic traceability of Hebridean sheep
  • To educate and inform the public of the attributes of Hebridean sheep, including their use in environmental management and sustainable low intensity farming systems.

A Constitution governs the operation of the Society which is overseen by 10 elected trustees along with the Registration Secretary.


Charity Registration Number: 1158095
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