Policies and Rules of The Society

The Society's Board of Trustees approves Policies and Rules which stand alongside the Constitution and regulate how the Society operates. They support and give operational details to the strategic aims of the Constitution. In the event of any discrepancy between a Policy or Rule and the Constitution, the Constitution always takes precedence. Also included here are the current Job Descriptions of Society officers. 


Approved Judges Policy
         Judges List & Standards
         Judges Management Group ToRs & Schedule
Awards Policy
Complaints Policy
Co-option Policy
Data Privacy Notice
Data Protection Policy
Duties of Trustees Policy
Expenses Policy
Export Policy  
Insurance Policy 
       Risk Assessments Form
Policy for Managing Conflicts of Interest
Remuneration Policy
Reserve Funds Policy
Travel Expenses Policy


Election of Trustees
Male Entries at Society Approved Sales
Rules for Registering Sheep

Job Descriptions

Meetings Secretary
Membership Secretary
Registration Secretary


Constitution of the Hebridean Sheep Society CIO

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