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Please contact us, select Buying/Selling in the dropdown, and give details of the grazing land you require or have available to rent. Please include your contact information, an approximate location (e.g your county or nearby town) plus a note of your Flock Prefix and Flock Registration Number.

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Lewes Area, Sussex
Advert Ad2215 posted 27 July 2022

Wildflower meadows available for grazing during late summer early autumn in Lewes Area, Sussex.

Corina, 07973 655804 or Email Liz Email

Looking for grazing land for your Hebridean sheep?

Possible options of where to look or who to ask for grazing land include

  • Social media e.g.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Farming and Smallholder press
  • Local newspapers
  • Local agricultural suppliers
  • Local landowners e.g.
    • Equestrian owners (may need additional mouths to keep the grass short for their animals)
    • Farmers (they may have a patch of land that is not suitable for larger 'commercial' stock)
    • Organisations who may have conservation grazing ground available
      • Local Wildlife Trust
      • Local National Nature Reserve Warden
      • Local National Park
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