Hebridean Sheep for Sale or Loan

Only current members of the Society can advertise stock for sale or loan on this website. Non members looking for sheep are welcome to put an ad on the Sheep Wanted page.

To Place an Advertisement

Please contact us, select Buying/Selling in the dropdown, and give details of the animals for sale. Please include your contact information, an approximate location (e.g your county or nearby town)  plus a note of your Flock Prefix and Flock Registration Number.

If you want to include a photograph of the sheep with your ad, please send your photo with your name, flock prefix and flock number to this email.

All sheep advertised must either be registered or Birth Notified with the Society.

Members with sheep for sale

Below is a list of Hebridean Sheep Society members who currently have sheep for sale.

All sheep are sold as seen and at the risk of the purchaser. Please note that these sheep cannot be guaranteed by the Society.

Carrcross Flock, 00561
Advert Ad1950 posted 12 November 2019

We have ten registered gimmer lambs for sale. Also a selection of ram lambs. All sired by 1002/13 Sherington Sykes. Heptavac-P vaccinated and Zolvix treated. Local delivery available at cost of diesel. Shropshire
Richard/Alyson, 01743 791476  Email Website

Rock Ridge Flock, 06816
Advert Ad1949 posted 09 November 2019

Hebridean pedigree ewe lambs, born April 2019, wormed etc. and come to bucket. £60 each. Near Bishop's Castle.
Curtis / Jo, 07773 928247 or 01588 620048  Email 

Hirsel Flock, 06641
Advert Ad1948 posted 29 October 2019

Shearling ram (0977/18) out of Slipperfield Donald and Bryland Eliza. Heptavac'd, bucket trained. Near Ardgay/Bonar Bridge, Highlands.

Yews Flock, 05002
Advert Ad1947 posted 13 October 2019

7 registered gimmer lambs for sale all born April 2019 all 2 horned, sired by Glendoick Emperor 2014/17. £40 each. Also for sale 5 mixed aged registered 2 horned ewes would make perfect lawn mowers, £15 each. All the above sheep will be bought straight from the field. Windermere, Cumbria.
Jennifer, 07824 531770  Email 

West Burton Flock, 05434
Advert Ad1945 posted 13 October 2019

Ram 521                                                     Ram 556

Ram 554                                                    Ram 575
We have 4 Hebridean rams for sale, all born in April 2017. They are born out of registered parents and are birth notified. Will be registered by the Trust when sold.
Ram numbers 521 & 556 are sired by 2385/15 Haddingley Indy.
Ram numbers 554 & 575 are sired by 1825/12 Escrick Park Horatio.
All rams are friendly and bucket trained. Location is North Nottinghamshire. Price £120 each.
Agnes, 07712 527138 Email

Wester Kellie Flock, 06689
Advert Ad1944 posted 8 October 2019

5 registered and pedigree Gimmer ewes for sale, born April 18. All sired by Ardroch Formidable 0784/17, on the Heptavac P system and will come to the bucket. £50 each. Happy to sell as a smaller groups of 2/3. Based in East Neuk of Fife.
Moira, 07794 563454 Email 

Dinglenook Flock, 06549
Advert Ad1943 posted 3 October 2019

8 Rams for sale, born April 2017 and 2018, all 2-horned. Treated with Click and Combinex. All come to bucket. Birth notified, will be registered on sale. Could deliver locally. Cheshire.
Kevin, 07947 646516 Email 

Neale Flock, 06082
Advert Ad1942 posted 3 October 2019

Registered shearling ram for sale. Very friendly, head collar trained, easy to catch. Based in West Midlands, very close to junction 6 of the M42 
Julie,   Email 

Treslaig Flock, 06779
Advert Ad1941 posted 1 October 2019

5 ram lambs (born April 2019, all 2-horned). Heptavac-P vaccinated and Combinex treated. All come to the bucket. Fort William area. £50 each.
Carole, 07861 700981  Email 

Ravenshaw Flock, 06525
Advert Ad1940 posted 13 September 2019

We have 6 Hebridean gimmer ewes, born April 2018, for sale. Currently in Skye but could possibly deliver in Scotland. Would consider selling smaller group. £75 each.
Grant, 07975 596742  Email 

Becks Flock, 05261
Advert Ad1939 posted 11 September 2019

Stock reduction from a MV accredited flock We have sheep of various ages for sale. All in good health (vet owned), up to date with vaccinations and only for sale due to a need to reduce numbers. They come to the bucket and are easy care sheep. Cheshire.
Rebecca, 07891 356683  Email 

Loch Bhraoin Flock, 05555
Advert Ad1938 posted 10 September 2019

Tup lambs from the Loch Bhraoin flock, born April 2019. Birth notified, will be registered on sale. £55 each. Near Ullapool.

John, 07732 984792 / 01854 655305  Email 

Satron Flock, 01996
Advert Ad1937 posted 10 September 2019

Lovely black registered ewe lambs for sale, £55 each, from a high pennine flock in Swaledale, Could deliver locally
Rachel, 07814 153527  Email 

Borsdane Flock, 05971
Advert Ad1936 posted 9 September 2019

Pedigree, registered lambs for sale for breeding, show or pet: 3 tups £40 each, 2 gimmers £35 each. Born April 2019. Near Burnley, Lancashire.
Karen,  Email 

Norwood Flock, 06459
Advert Ad1935 posted 7 September 2019

Very reasonable price to a good home, 17 mixed age registered two horn ewes, in excellent condition ready to go to the ram. Herefordshire/ Gloucestershire border.
Nina, 01594 542319 Email 

Ardlee Flock, 06264
Advert Ad1934 posted 7 September 2019

AVAILABLE: 2 Pedigree Hebridean Rams. One 6yo, 2 horn ram 2118/13 now coming into own stock. Proven tight breeding season. One Shearling Ram Ardlee Geordie (0620/18). Isle of Mull but happy to help with delivery to mainland.
Minty, 01681 700768  Email 

Redlake Flock, 05158
Advert Ad1932 posted 7 September 2019
Redlake Oberon                                            Redlake Oliver

Redlake Offa                                                Redlake Odysseus

The Redlake Flock in South Shropshire has four handsome well behaved rams for sale. Born 2016. Sire Carcross Sorbus, Redlake dams. Reasonable prices because I must sell them.
Ursula, 01588 640524  Email 

Nurston Flock, 06819
Advert Ad1931 posted 1 September 2019

Fowlescombe Chopin (2119/13) for sale. Heptavac-p vaccinated, well proven, quiet and experienced ram. No health issues and plenty of years of work left. Has served our small flock perfectly to a three week lambing period for two years, sale due to daughters being eligible to breed this year. South Devon.
Rose, 07800 902164  Email 

Kateland Flock, 06649
Advert Ad1930 posted 29 August 2019

I have 18 of this years' ewe lambs all registered and pedigree, wanting £50 each or all of them for £850. Staffordshire.
Katie, 07807 337457  Email 

Breamfield Flock, 06534
Advert Ad1928 posted 21 August 2019

Well grown, healthy, registered 2 horn ewe lambs for sale. Born April-May 2019. All sired by Hutton Laddie (1218/18) Double Heptavac-P vaccinated. Used to a working dog and electric fencing. 30 in total - willing to split into groups of 3 or more. Delivery possible. Near Matlock, Derbyshire.
Pen 07783 698111 Contact

Advertisements will stay on the website for a maximum of three months from date of publication unless otherwise requested by the vendor.

Export of Hebridean Sheep

Any arrangements for export of Hebridean sheep must be made directly betwen the purchaser and vendor.  The Society is not able to mediate the export process.

Buying Registered stock

  • Registered stock will have a metal ear tag engraved 'HEB.SS' along with it's individual registration number, plus year of birth. They will also have a yellow A4 registration document with tag numbers that match those on the animal.
  • You must be handed the tear-off portion at the bottom of registration document when purchasing your sheep.
  • Hebridean sheep can only be registered by the breeder and only if they are the progeny of fully registered parents.
  • Hebridean sheep sold as 'pure-bred' but without the registration document or registration ear-tag are probably not registered and probably cannot be registered retrospectively.

If you have any queries about registration, please contact the Registration Secretary by email or by telephone on 01270 780 583.

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