Hebridean Sheep for Sale or Loan

Only current members of the Society can advertise stock for sale or loan on this website. Non members looking for sheep are welcome to put an ad on the Sheep Wanted page.

To Place an Advertisement

Please contact us, select Buying/Selling in the dropdown, and give details of the animals for sale. Please include your contact information, an approximate location (e.g your county or nearby town)  plus a note of your Flock Prefix and Flock Registration Number.

If you want to include a photograph of the sheep with your ad, please send your photo with your name, flock prefix and flock number to this email.

All sheep advertised must either be registered or Birth Notified with the Society.

Members with sheep for sale

Below is a list of Hebridean Sheep Society members who currently have sheep for sale.

All sheep are sold as seen and at the risk of the purchaser. Please note that these sheep cannot be guaranteed by the Society.

Merchant Flock, 00205
Advert Ad1925 posted 14 August 2019

We have to dispose of our flock and have 8 ewes, 5x4-horned and 3x2-horned born between 2016 and 2018 for sale. Reasonable offers acceptable. David Short, Herts/Beds/Cambs border
David, 01462 742385  Email 

Ryall Flock, 06757
Advert Ad1925 posted 9 August 2019

For Sale in Dorset, a selection of 2019 two-horn ewe and ram lambs. Heptavac-P vaccinated and all registered with HSS.  Sired by 1251/12 Fowlescombe Beethoven. Can provide more pictures and information. £55 each. Delivery possible at cost.
Betsy  Email 

Carrcross Flock, 00561
Advert Ad1924 posted 6 August 2019

We have twenty registered gimmer lambs for sale. Also a selection of ram lambs, including two four-horned. All sired by 1002/13 Sherington Sykes. Heptavac-P vaccinated. Local delivery available at cost of diesel. Shropshire.
Richard and Alyson 01743 791476  Email  Website

Mill Cottage Flock, 06418
Advert Ad1923 posted 31 July 2019

Othelo, (1957/18) a Hebridean 2 horned ram for sale. Born 23/3/18. A fine, handsome chap. Also Ophelia and Oddity, (0195/18 & 0196/18) two lovely Hebridean ewes for sale. Born 23/3/18 & 4/4/18. I'm happy to deliver at cost. South Cheshire.
Rick 07973 271037 Email

Vault Flock, 05717
Advert Ad1922 posted 28 July 2019

Need a ram for just tupping ?  Well maybe we can help. We are located on the Herefordshire/Powys border, about 18 miles from Hereford. We offer for hire a choice of quality shearling rams. Alternatively, if you have a mixed aged flock and do not want to put all of them to the ram, then we can consider homing your ewes with ours over the tupping period. We are  happy to consider delivery or collection at cost. Photographs and pedigrees can be sent. Booking in advance would save disappointment! Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more details www.vaultflock.co.uk
Ken & Zoe 01547 560161 Email

Cinderhill Flock, 05535
Advert Ad1921 posted 26 July 2019

The  2018 crop of  pedigree shearling rams from the Cinderhill flock seek employment. Nice, well built young rams from prizewinning stock. Photographs and pedigrees can be sent. Kent/Sussex Border or Ashdown Forest near East Grinstead if nearer. Ewe lambs and ram lambs also available.
Caroline Email

Holford Manor Flock, 06460
Advert Ad1920 posted 26 July 2019

Pedigree Rams for Sale - 0644/16 Holford Osman, two even strong horns, proven, £75. ( I can't use him with my ewes this year.) 1109/17 Holford Pharaoh, 4 Horn, proven, £120. I also have 5 x 2018 rams, again good pedigrees but as yet not proven, £75 each. All have good temperaments, will eat from your hand and are fully vaccinated & treated. East Sussex.
Martyn Email

Winkwell Flock, 01689
Advert Ad1919 posted 22 July 2019

Flock Reduction due to moving house. Ewes (various ages) with lambs at foot until weaning on 31st August. Ewe lambs are currently registration applied for. Adult and shearling tups and tup lambs may be available. Shearling gimmers (2018 born) and gimmer lambs (2019 born; after 1st September). Wether lambs may also be available. North-East England.
Jane 01434 240435 Email

Bosbury Flock, 06740
Advert Ad1916 posted 17 July 2019

I have for sale 1x shearling ram , 2 x 2015 ewes and 2x ram lambs. Located Herefordshire, delivery available.
Jess 07722 613476 Email

Oaksedge Flock, 06317
Advert Ad1915 posted 8 July 2019

Oaksedge Hebrideans have a limited number of 2019 registered ewe lambs for sale. Sired by The Wall Sorrell 16th, these lambs are growing well and will be available on weaning in August.. Matlock, Derbyshire. Local delivery available at cost.
Steph 07790 912568 Email

Hutton Flock, 05765
Advert Ad1914 posted 1 July 2019

Shearling ewes for sale in Dorset. Two horn and four horn available. All registered. MV accredited and Johnes accredited (R3) with the SAC. Further details available. Signet recorded. Heptavac-P vaccinated. CLIKExtra. Hutton Lucifer (2018 born 4H shearling ram) also available. All same status applies. Two horns available. Genuine enquiries can either Email  or my contact details are in the HSS handbook (Hutton Flock).

Mullach Flock, 05369
Advert Ad1913 posted 21 June 2019

For sale: selection of mature ewes (plus their lambs if required), shearling ewes and shearling rams plus 3 shear ram that has just won his class at Chesire show. All good quality well grown stock in very good condition, (many good enough to show). Cheshire.
Sam 07768 176306 Email


Advertisements will stay on the website for a maximum of three months from date of publication unless otherwise requested by the vendor.

Export of Hebridean Sheep

Any arrangements for export of Hebridean sheep must be made directly betwen the purchaser and vendor.  The Society is not able to mediate the export process.

Buying Registered stock

  • Registered stock will have a metal ear tag engraved 'HEB.SS' along with it's individual registration number, plus year of birth. They will also have a yellow A4 registration document with tag numbers that match those on the animal.
  • You must be handed the tear-off portion at the bottom of registration document when purchasing your sheep.
  • Hebridean sheep can only be registered by the breeder and only if they are the progeny of fully registered parents.
  • Hebridean sheep sold as 'pure-bred' but without the registration document or registration ear-tag are probably not registered and probably cannot be registered retrospectively.

If you have any queries about registration, please contact the Registration Secretary by email or by telephone on 01270 780 583.

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