York Auction 2nd October (show on 1st)

Photos of the registered sheep are provided by the vendor. The Hebridean Sheep Society accepts no responsibility for the quality or authenticity of such photos.

Note: This page will be updated a couple of times a week as photos are submitted by vendors. The Society offers this service to its members but there is no compulsion for them to submit photos of their animals prior to sale.

For sale: 85 registered Hebridean Sheep

  • 9 older Ewes

  • 28 Shearling Ewes

  • 27 Ewe Lambs

  • 2 older Rams

  • 13 Shearling Rams

  • 6 Ram Lambs.

Full Online Sale catalogue (auction house site)

Download catalogue (Hebridean Sheep Lots and auction house info only) information

COVID-19 Regulations: Please check with the market regarding their current requirements as these are subject to change to keep in line with Government Guidelines

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LOT 320 An Sgiobal Lorach
LOT 327 An Sgiobal Belle
LOT 339 Sherington Zucchini
LOT 340 Sherington Zapphira
LOT 349 Cinderhill Sweetpea
LOT 351 Cinderhill Spindle
LOT 355 An Sgiobal Coral
LOT 362 Sherington Alyssum
LOT 363 Sherington Ada
LOT 364 Sherington Angelica
LOT 376 Revel Bailey
LOT 377 Revel Brienne
LOT 378 Revel Brooklyn
LOT 379 Revel Bea
LOT 381 Revel Braavos
LOT 390 Skipwith Yanvik
LOT 392 Kestrel Lynx
LOT 394 Cinderhill Sigurd
LOT 395 Cinderhill Spartan
LOT 397 An Sgiobal King Creole
LOT 398 An Sgiobal Matjes
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