Sale reports for 2021

Lanark Auction - Record price for Hebridean Gimmer

There was strong demand for Hebrideans at the Lawrie and Symington show and sale of Rare and Minority Breeds with prices for Hebrideans outstripping all other breeds on the day.

The Breed Champion from the Ronasvoe flock was sold for £480, setting a record price for a Hebridean gimmer shearling.

The Champion male from the Skipwith flock, also a shearling, topped the sale at £550.

Gimmer shearlings were particularly sought after and 26 lots averaged £147/head. Principal prices for gimmer shearlings were; Ronasvoe flock to £480, Sparram Wood flock to £250 (twice), Sycamore flock to £220, Brightside flock to £160, Kestrel flock £150, Glendoick flock to £150 (twice), Slipperfield flock to £140, Knightley flock to £100.

Melton Mowbray Report

In Brief:

  • Ram lamb from Macholc achieved £430. This was the highest price of the day
  • Shearling ewes to £210 for ewes from Macholc and £180 and £120 from Lambert
  • Ewe lambs made to £80  for Macholc, All ewe lambs sold over £60
  • Rams made £130 from Pearman and £100 from Small
  • Most stock of all breeds sold well

York Report

Again a generally good trade with quality sheep selling well, at this sale females were more in demand than males.

Top price of the day was Reserve Hebridean Champion shearling tup Skipwith Yanvik at 620 Gns (£651)

With Hebridean Champion and Reserve overall sale Champion gimmer Applegarth Euphorbia making 350 Gns (£367.50)

In relation to other top prices:

Older ewes sold to 132 Gns (£138.60), Ewe Lambs sold to 170 gns (£178.50) and Tup lambs sold to a top of 150 gns (£157.50)

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