Lanark Auction 2021 Report and Photos

Record price for Hebridean Gimmer

There was strong demand for Hebrideans at the Lawrie and Symington show and sale of Rare and Minority Breeds with prices for Hebrideans outstripping all other breeds on the day.

The Breed Champion from the Ronasvoe flock was sold for £480, setting a record price for a Hebridean gimmer shearling.

The Champion male from the Skipwith flock, also a shearling, topped the sale at £550.

Gimmer shearlings were particularly sought after and 26 lots averaged £147/head. Principal prices for gimmer shearlings were; Ronasvoe flock to £480, Sparram Wood flock to £250 (twice), Sycamore flock to £220, Brightside flock to £160, Kestrel flock £150, Glendoick flock to £150 (twice), Slipperfield flock to £140, Knightley flock to £100.

Photos of the registered sheep are provided by the vendor. The Hebridean Sheep Society accepts no responsibility for the quality or authenticity of such photos.

Sold: 59 registered Hebridean Sheep

LOT 214 Slipperfield Helios

LOT 215 Applegarth Danna

LOT 216 Earlyvale Angus

LOT 218 Skipwith Yorvik

LOT 219 Brightside Denny

LOT 220 Knightley Zoltan The Black

LOT 221 Kestrel Luke

LOT 222 Kirklandbank Jupiter

LOT 223 Slipperfield Kahuna

LOT 224 Glendoick Harrier

LOT 225 Glendoick Heineken

LOT 228 Munro Basil

LOT 229 Loch Bhraoin Ewe

LOT 231 Blairshinnoch Callie

LOT 232 Blairshinnoch Cecilia

LOT 232 Blairshinnoch Clare

LOT 233 Blairshinnoch Cassie

LOT 236-237 Sycamore Gimmers

LOT 238-241 Brightside Gimmers

LOT 242-245 Ronasvoe Gimmers

LOT 246 Knightley Zenith

LOT 247 Knightley Zsanette

LOT 248-250 Kirklandbank Gimmers

LOT 251-253 Slipperfield Gimmers

LOT 254-256 Sparrow Wood Gimmers

LOT 257-261 Glendoick Gimmers

LOT 263 Blairshinnoch Grace

LOT 264-266 Eagle Bray Ewe Lambs
(only 3 of these 5 are being sold)

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